The impact of Technological innovation on the Future of Work

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You canread the full case study here, but the point is that by sitting with customers Kristina learned way more about their needs and challenges than a standalone survey would have taught her. In fact, as a result of the customer observation, Smallpdf applied a few key changes to their tool and increased the success rate of their PDF-to-Word conversion tool by 75%. As AI and other technology becomes more ingrained in HR, it will free people up to focus more on strategy, problem-solving and other areas that tech isn’t equipped to handle. Yes, many companies are going AI or developing their AI needs with regards on administrative or company system. HRIS is one of the important things that can go through automation in order to deliver accurate service to the people.

What are 5 trends shaping the future of work?

The millennials, technologies, globalization, mobility, new attitudes… The employment scene is changing at an ever faster rate and it is vital to know and understand these changes.

This Philosophy of Trends Influencing Innovation In The Future Workplace provided the principles that guide the real-life implementation of the Centre. It represents a shift to a person-centred approach, impacting service modelling by incorporating the perspectives of the community that will use the service. The Philosophy of Care was a key reference during the commissioning process in which people with lived experience participated in an evaluation panel to select the service provider responsible for developing the Centre. It also provided key guidance on the recruitment of a workforce, about 50% of which have lived experience of mental distress and crisis. The Bridge Labs programme was conceived in 2020 to overcome internal deficits in innovation capacity through novel partnerships between the system, clinical teams and academic experts.

Trend No. 3: Squeezed by competing leader and employee expectations, managers need support with citizens and residents is on the rise as governments work to enhance representation, participation and openness. However, confidence remains low among citizens regarding their influence on the design and delivery of public policies and services, especially among young people . To remedy this situation, governments are using sophisticated techniques to connect and collaborate with the public. These include forming permanent citizens’ councils, promoting Citizen Science and AI localism approaches, reimagining communities and leveraging technological innovations to build public trust, and collectively transforming both the physical and the virtual environment. Beyond granular projects, Israel’s Challenge Tenders demonstrates an innovative method of engaging GovTech ecosystems to solve urgent health problems not often the focus of startups, such as fall prevention among older people and improvement of geriatric care. Once the Ministry of Health defines a problem, it invites the GovTech community to submit proposals.

  • With automation happening so quickly, society won’t be able to reliably predict what skills will be needed even a few years down the road.
  • Specifically, average monthly earnings in the transportation sector fell by 53 percent between 2014 and 2018, and average earnings in the other three sectors were flat.
  • One of the biggest shifts we are seeing in the workplace is the coming shift around who drives how work gets done.

As companies mapped out their digital plans, many hailed 2020 as a crucial target year. Many companies set out IT 2020 programs, featuring lofty goals, such as equipping employees with connected devices, modernising the datacentre , and making headway with emerging tech such as AI, IoT and blockchain. Moving forward, the same tools that employees are currently using to work in a virtual environment will be used to assess the contributions that employees are making. For example, during virtual meetings, new technologies will be able to provide background information about the other people on the call. By knowing more about who is on the call, participants will be able to focus on the issues that are of the most importance to them. Organizations that stretch managers’ spans of control across more direct reports will enable companies to decrease labor costs as they will need fewer managers.

The future of work: what innovative companies can teach us about succeeding in tomorrow’s workplace

Good examples here include the Patient Declaration of Health Data Rights in Canada and the Data Governance Framework for Health Data Collected from Black Communities in Ontario. Such approaches analyse the different elements of the system underlying a policy problem, as well as the dynamics and interactions of elements that produce a particular outcome. The term systems approaches denotes a set of methods and practices that aim to affect systems change. Drawing on holistic analysis, they focus on the impacts and outcomes of policies, going beyond the linear logic of “input-output-outcome” of traditional approaches to policy design.

  • As the President at GHD Digital, the fast-growing digital transformation and technology engine of GHD, Kumar is responsible for the execution of the firm’s digital strategy and innovation.
  • In addition to long-term strategy, we also develop foresight capabilities within agencies and departments.
  • First, the design of auditing and implementing guides is key to mainstreaming its vision, and to gathering evidence directly from users needed to build reliable and human-centred regulatory tools.
  • Its web platform uses health data and machine learning to match people who are alike on a holistic wellbeing level.

This will facilitate more accurate studies of the dynamics around gig economy workers and help address the current lack of comprehensive documentation on this group . The OECD Housing Policy Toolkit can assist governments in understanding housing challenges and taking action. It provides a narrative for the complex societal, economic and environmental interrelationships rooted in housing markets, and also allows policy makers to identify strengths and shortcomings and make informed policy choices when designing national housing strategies. In seeking to catalyse employment opportunities in the private sector, the City of Rotterdam launched Rikx, a new digital marketplace that connects local social entrepreneurs with investors to incentivise the hiring of vulnerable residents.

The chief purpose officer will be the next major C-level role.

As shown, governments have undertaken notable efforts to level the playing field for Indigenous people through greater recognition of their cultures. Such innovative initiatives involving big data and AI aim at ensuring both cultural preservation and revival, and the development of culturally sensitive public services. However, improving Indigenous populations’ access to the same rights and opportunities as others also entails tackling the discrimination faced by Indigenous individuals and their descendants who migrate to non-Indigenous settings.

  • One of the most systematic approaches identified for this report is the Government of Canada’s Management Accountability Framework, in particular its “Innovation Area of Management” .
  • Together with career growth plans and equitable compensation, talent development investment would have a positive impact on employee retention.
  • While the overall tone may be pessimistic, public sector innovation has provided bright spots and room for hope.
  • Deployed models are monitored for performance and re-training risks are managed.
  • Manufacturing provides less than 9 percent of US employment, down from over 30 percent in the 1950s.3 Advancements in automation account for much of this decrease, allowing today’s factories to produce far more product with far fewer people.

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